Strong campaign spoiled by medicore multiplayer makes Gears of War 2 an inferior yet somewhat satisfying sequel.

User Rating: 8.5 | Gears of War 2 X360
As much as I would like to join the band wagon and agree that this game betters it's prequel, I just have to depart from this trend. It's a brillianty made game, absolutely incredibly looking... but the creators basically took everything that made GoW 1 what it was, and recycled it. Everything near enough the same. From the looks to the actual gameplay itself.

I have to say, however, as much as the campaign is way too similar to the previous one, it's a unique expierience that we've done before, but why not relive it again, and this time, with added modifications. Improved visuals, A.I., minions, weapons etc. Not to mention a cooperative multiplayer that really shines compared to the original.

Vehicles are added to the game, but not as pleasing as it sounds, thanks to clumbsy controls, repetitive objectives and... well pretty much dull atmosphere. Infact, the whole vehicle thing is pointless, and does nothing to the game. Weapons, however, are just as great as before, and we still have the incredible Toque Bow.

The storyline is somewhat superior to the original, adding a sense of tension and actually feeling for the characters. As much as the voice acting isn't perfect, and typical marine talk which is sometimes more humorous than serious, the development of each person is created well mainly thanks to the background of each one and the story surrounding them. For example, Dominic hasn't got the best actor voicing him, but the whole romantic storyline of retrieving his wife is considerberly heartbreaking. Also, the newcomer marine is an innocent, warm heart surrounded by a brutal battlefield, that makes you think he dosen't deserve to be there. Little things like this made an impact on me to carry on the game. If it wasn't for the storyline, the campaign would probably be an empty, soulless pit of dullness. Playing it with someone else would transform it even further into a fest of enjoyment. Having three team mates gang up on one helpless locust has never been so much fun. Not to mention horde, a mode in which up to 5 players face waves upon waves of enemies, reacing as far as you can until you can survive no longer, and in which teamwork strategies are as vital as ever.

Multiplayer, however, is where the game disappoints. People's main argument against multiplayer is basically the server, and the lagging factor. Yes the game does lag. And alot worse then the previous did. But it's more the fact that there is little to offer that the first GoW already did. Submission is a great and unique variation to Captue The Flag, and King of the Hill is better in this game than any average online game, but there's some depth missing. It feels empty and sort of down graded compared to the previous GOW's multiplayer. The maps are also not incredible. Good, and absolutely nothing wrong with them, just not as mind blowing as the graphics itself.

All in all, GoW 2 feels extremley similar to the original, and because of this, the repitivity factor is high. We've done it all before, even the majority of the objectives are the same. There's numerous of added features, but these will only delight for the first few plays. Gears of War 2 is a little bit of a let down when compared to it's prequel, but by no means a major disappointment. It's more Gears of War 1.5 than a total brand spanking new sequel. Nothing more than an expansion pack, with added depth to the story and slightly more enjoying campaign. Die hard GoW fans will absolutely love this game, and casual games will pretty much enjoy this for a small period of time.