If you own an xbox 360 and you dont have this game then some one needs to hit you over the head with your controler.

User Rating: 10 | Gears of War 2 X360
I think this officaly is my favorite game of all time. the horde mod the campain the online all of it is just amazing and also the huge monsters the big gize with big guns. The amazing graphics poliosh's it off. You start off as the huge metal gear marcus fenix while you try to take down the locust stroong hold underground and try to flud there city. this isnt a diffucult task depending on which diffulty you play on. it int hard to master the controls.

If rally you are under the age of seventeen and ur parents care about cursing none likle mine play it when there not there or dont buy this game at all because even if you skip the cut sceens in every scentece there is a curse of some sort.but there is a veriatie of things in the gameplay u ride a ravan u also ride a number of other monsters you can use locust that are almost dead as meat shields and deffend your self and a number of other things. cover is your friend so if you dont use it you will get ripped to pices. over all gears of war is the best game for the 360 and currently my favorite game out there buy this game.