good game

User Rating: 8 | Gears of War 2 X360
gears is....well the **** mode was alright and online was bro **** up my mic so now i gotta get a new one:/okay enough of that gears has good controls,looks awesome,lots of blood,and favorite part's the blood though lol.anyways there are some probs when i go online sometimes when dudes speaking or something it sounds like heard a radio on a blank station?that what it sounds like.well thats it i guess,cant think of nothing else lol.oh wait oh wait i remember now. gears 2 has alot of stuff like downloads snowblind and the new one with costumes or some **** also a mode called horde on it.It's posed to put you against monsters for about 50 this thing censored the word story at the top of this.Well I cant really say nothin bad about this game except for some laggy to hell mics and the way this game look.I mean how the monsters look.the monsters look retarded.