This is the most flawed POS game ever made

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With Judgement coming out this week, I got to thinking about Gears and remembered how god awful Gears 2's multiplayer/horde mode was. The ideas were awesome but the amount of glitches was absolutely unacceptable, not to mention the terrible lag. I would never buy another game from Epic after playing this POS. It deserved to get blasted by game critics but instead got 9's. Gamespot should be ashamed of themselves. I don't trust them anymore. Praising garbage like this game will eventually drive people away from gaming. It did me at least. FU Epic and FU Gamespot for lying to us! 

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I would agree with most of what you said but the campaign was good. There were a ridiculous amont of glitches in MP tho, crazy clipping, endlessly mantling into the sky, bullets hitting invisible walls, get shot while chainsaw reving and end up stuck in a loop of stumble animations, etc. There are some pretty funny gears 2 glitch compilation videos on youtube.
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