Its a cool button masher that immerses you back in the King Arthhur Days.The game is cool if you like the old Gauntlet .

User Rating: 6.5 | Gauntlet: Dark Legacy PS2
The game is pretty sweet to a certain extent ,but the fighting mechanics are pretty much repetetive.With the hack and slash mechanism,it does not seem to bring almost anything new to the game,its almost like the Old Gauntlet but with a few more special moves, however its pretty fun. The graphics are pretty cool with the isometric camera view,some of the colors seems washed out and some seem pretty vivid,they could of improved the scale model of the characters and made them more realistic and larger, but at least you could tell Green Archer's garment looks pretty dam good. The sounds are pretty good but not the best,but some of these levels have a cool ancient times sounds and music, for me the best music was in the poson field it has that scary immersive beat.I wish they made a soundtrack to this game if they haven't already made it. This game I recommend if your homie comes over to your place for the co op mode, and just feel like slashing some crazy looking Ogers, Goblins and defeating Imps. Hey for me its pretty much fairly cool game.