Gateways Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Find the gateway gun Let's get started
    Find the torch Shed some light
    Find the resizing gateway gun Little and large
    Find the mirror On reflection
    Find the time travel gateway gun The time machine
    Find the rotation gateway gun Gravity of the situation
    Find the multi gun The fun begins
    Find the time suit Master of time
    Complete the game The truth
    Find all jump boosts The high jump
    Find all health boosts Picture of health
    Find all extra echo power ups You again
    Find all time extending power ups Raising the bar
    Collect all 500 power orbs Completionist
    Complete the game with 500 power orbs No assistance necessary
    Destroy all enemies in the game,... including the recharging ones Die!!!

    Contributed by: Guard Master