A great game, but you have to get used to it. Can anything beat Most Wanted?

My uncle got me started on Need for Speed with Hot Pursuit 2 for game cube. I then went through Underground and Most Wanted. (somehow I missed Underground 2) They gradually got better, with Most Wanted being the best. I was looking forward to Carbon. A new system, a new game. I had looked around online and was excited when I saw "be the cop" back and also wireless compatibility. When I got the game, I was disappointed when I didn't see either. I thought it would be great to see the Wii's wi-fi capability. I shook it off and decided to try it out. I played and was crashing into walls and various other things. After time went by, I got better. In about an hour I was driving great. After my second time playing I was already at my first boss. It really is a good game if you give it a chance. I was disappointed by the lack of pursuits. In Most Wanted, you had to get a certain amount of Bounty before facing a boss. Now, pursuits are only to unlock crap. The customization is better than Most Wanted, but driving is more of a challenge.