Garfield - The Search For Pooky Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Level passwords for Easy difficulty

    Select Password from the main menu and enter one of the following passwords to unlock later levels:

    Code Effect
    **40J2ZJ6 Level 3
    **Z0G7Z7L Level 4
    1G21GRW5R Level 5
    ?1FJB113H Level 6
    9W9KNN?DF Level 2
    NZ70N5KX0 Level 7
    PX5NPH*3* Level 8
    TWQV9XJ7? Level 9
    GXTP1*G90 Level 10
    MW5PK1H8? Level 11
    J*GV92WTF Level 12
    1DL194?N4 Clear game password