it sucks dont get it

User Rating: 1 | Game Party 2 WII
it is too easy. though the controls sometimes dont work on my brand new wii that i just got this chrismas. very boring after just a few minutes. if you want to try it rent it first and if you like it which i do not think you will, then you can buy it. but everyone in my family tried it and really did not like it. horse shoes you just stay in one spot after you get a point and you will get a point every time, darts i can not even figure out how to throw the dart. basketball is pretty much the same thing as horse shoes, so the point is it sucks do not be like me and buy it frist because chances are you will not like it. now i am just talking to take up as many characters as i can so i can submit this. so you do not have to read this because i am not talking about the game. so again do not read this because this has nothing to do with the game.