There is so much love in this budget tycoon game about our favorite hobby that sucks you in. More please!

User Rating: 7.5 | Game Dev Tycoon PC
Being born in 1984 I've almost seen the very dawn of videogames. This game brings you back in the past, when games were merely text. Inside your garage, where lies a DeLo, you try your best to publish the games of the future.

In this simulation there are a number of things very interesting to consider. The financial part isn't as complex as some old DOS gems such as A-Train, Theme Park, Sim City or nowadays "Tycoon" games. It's more like a game of resource management.
Everything you do is fueled by money and special resources gained through development, troubleshooting and contracts.
Your capabilities as game developer are influenced by 4 characteristics. After a while you'll get tired and have to rest. The same applies to your employees.
So you pick a platform, check if you can afford the license, pick a genre and a sub-genre and start developing. You can also create game engines and sell them or leaving them open for your fans. The alchemy of game developing is the best part, most rewarding and intriguing. Then you get reviewed, gain money, fame and fans accordingly to how much you succeded.
It expands beyond that also.

If it's a rainy day expect to play it a good 2 hours non-stop, but if you're more like me, 5 hours, sunny day, and kept wanting for more.
I didn't finish the game yet. But wouldn't take that long. It's a budget game, a very funny one. Plenty of replayability and never frustrating, full of love for our passion: videogames.

Graphics & audio: 6
Lacks a bit in graphics animations.

Gameplay & value: 9
Stellar, very replayable, 8,99 euro on Steam