How to get out of the garage- Walkthrough/Tutorial Video

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Hey All,

Here's a video I made for a friend that I thought people might find useful. Shows how to get your dev studio out of the garage with a good basis for success. Enjoy.

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The next part of my Walkthrough video is up guys. It shows how to go from the garage to office with great success! :) This video is better quality too.

Cheers guys, thanks for reading :)

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Part 3 and 4 of my Walkthrough are up, guys. Check them out! :D

Part 3-


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Part 5 of Shadow Studios. Hope people are enjoying the playthrough/walkthrough. Please leave any comments. Thanks, guys.

Part 5-

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Here is part 6 of my Walkthrough guys. It will total 9 Parts when finished. Cheers!


Part 6-

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Part 7, go!

Part 7-

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Here's the final 2 parts in my walkthrough video series, guys. In these final parts Shadow Studios makes the transition to the large office and continues the hits.

Thanks for watching and I hope it's helped you make a strong studio :D


Part 8-

Part 9-