Game & Watch Gallery 4 Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Get the Game&Watch Gallery History

    To unlock this option in the Gallery Corner, just get 70 stars.

    Contributed by: alberto331 

  2. Secret Games

    There are 5 secret games in Game & Watch Gallery 4. To unlock them, you must get a certain number of stars:

    Code Effect
    Get 5 stars Chef
    Get 20 stars Mario Bros.
    Get 35 stars Donkey Kong
    Get 50 stars Octopus
    Get 65 stars Fire Attack

    Contributed by: alberto331 

  3. Museum Games

    You can unlock 9 games in the Museum. This option appears in the Gallery Corner. There are no modern versions for the games in the museum.

    Code Effect
    Get 10 stars to see it, and 80 stars to play it. Manhole
    Get 15 stars to see it, and 90 stars to play it. Tropical Fish
    Get 25 stars to see it, and 100 stars to play it. Mario's Bombs Away
    Get 30 stars to see it, and 110 stars to play it. Parachute
    Get 40 stars to see it, and 120 stars to play it. Bombsweeper
    Get 45 stars to see it, and 130 stars to play it. Climber
    Get 50 stars to see it, and 140 stars to play it. Safebuster
    Get 55 stars to see it, and 150 stars to play it. Lifeboat
    Get 60 stars to see it, and 160 stars to play it. Zelda

    Contributed by: alberto331 

  4. More-Difficult Star Mode

    If you get 1,000 points in modern mode , you will unlock
    the ''More-Difficult Star Mode''.

    Contributed by: DeviLord 

  5. Unlock Credits

    Get 170 stars

    Contributed by: Zeldaman316 

  6. Cast Credits

    To view the Cast Credits, collect all 220 stars.

    Contributed by: unlimitedn 

  7. Erase all saved data

    At the title screen press:
    If done correctly the screen will go black for a moment, and all high scores, stars, ect. will be deleted.

    Contributed by: anubis6789 

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