Game & Watch Gallery 2 Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Change the border

    To change the border start a new game and pause it. Then press B

    Contributed by: Mikeofreak 

  2. Star mode

    Play any game using Modern mode and earn 1000 points or more, you will be able to choose Very Hard mode/Star mode by choosing that game, highlighting Modern mode and pressing 'up'

    Contributed by: Meowth 

  3. Unlock Cast

    You can View the Game&Watch Gallery 2's Cast by getting all the Stars. To view the cast again go to VIEW GALLERY and hold up then press A.

    Contributed by: Meowth 

  4. Play as Wario in Helmet

    Start to play Helmet on easy. Then lose all of your lives right away. Then hit retry. You will play as Wario instead of Mario!

    Contributed by: Mikeofreak 

  5. View the Credits again.

    After you earn the credits/Staff you will be able to view them again if you want by going to ''View Gallery'' And then Hold DOWN then push the A button.

    Contributed by: Meowth 

  6. Unlock Ball

    Code Effect
    Earn 15 stars Classic Ball
    Earn 25 stars Modern Ball

    Contributed by: kenb215 

  7. Unlock more characters in the Ball(Modern) game

    You can unlock other characters aside from Yoshi to play as in the Ball modern version game by collecting a certain requirement of stars...

    Code Effect
    Obtain 35 Stars Mario
    Obtain 45 Stars Wario
    Obtain 100 Stars Bowser

    Contributed by: Meowth 

  8. Gallery Corner unlockables

    Code Effect
    Obtain 5 Stars Unlock Music Room
    Obtain 10 Stars Unlock Museum

    Contributed by: Meowth 

  9. Unlock Museum Titles

    Code Effect
    Obtain 10 Stars Unlock Donkey Kong
    Obtain 20 Stars Unlock Oil Panic
    Obtain 30 Stars Unlock Green House
    Obtain 40 Stars Unlock Life Boat
    Obtain 50 Stars Unlock Donkey Kong Junior
    Obtain 60 Stars Unlock Tropical Fish
    Obtain 70 Stars Unlock Rain Shower
    Obtain 80 Stars Unlock Spitball Sparky

    Contributed by: Meowth 

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