This classic game gives you some experience using the e-Reader

User Rating: 6 | Game & Watch Collection: Manhole ERDR
As you can imagine, the e-Reader was greatly hyped by Nintendo as being able to download games from data codes on trading cards. While a good idea in theory, the e-Reader fails in that it only delivers games we've already played, games that we could buy in a much larger anthology, and extra content we don't necessarily require. I applaud Game and Watch Collection: Manhole for being the e-Reader's first test subject, but the game doesn't offer anything to maintain its freshness.

Manhole has a simple strategy: Keep the people from falling by using your manhole cover to fill, well, manholes in the street. This simplicity only serves to emphasize the lack of gameplay. The game gets a little more difficult after you save a certain amount of people, but the same formula applies. Without a variation in gameplay, the game eventually becomes tedious work. And that makes the gamer lose interest.

Even with 2002's technological prowess over 1981, Nintendo could've done a lot more with Manhole. As it stands, a direct port of a 21-year-old game just doesn't work in a gaming industry filled with Grand Theft Auto's and Legend of Zelda's. It comes free with the system because Nintendo must've realized that nobody would buy it alone.