Underrated but still a good game.

User Rating: 8.1 | Galerians PS
The story of galerians is probably one of its strong points. Using psychic powers, you are able to manipulate objects, people, and etc. The controls at first are hard and rigorous to get used to but after you get into the game, it isnt quite that bad.

During the duration of the game, you find out the main character's purpose in life while still trying to figure out his own past. Throughout galerians are cut scenes of some childhood like imagery of fright and "psy scare" of future evovled brain surgeries.

it may seem that galerians was just a good game, however, released at the wrong time (if it was released before 2000, it would've had a chance) and hardly advertised. it deserves more than what others say and it should be given another try.