Galactic Wrestling: Featuring Ultimate Muscle Cheats For PS2

  1. Unlock Extra Characters

    To win the following characters you must fulfil the desired requirements:

    Code Effect
    Win the Tournament Mode with Kid Muscle Shivano and Ricardo (Lord of Darkness)
    Win the Tournament Mode with Robin Mask Neptuneman and Barracuda
    Collect 50 Figures Lomienman
    Collect 100 Figures Sunshine Supreme
    Win the Tag Tournament Mode with King Muscle and Lomeinman Prince Lou Ow and Buffalo Rampage
    Collect 200 Figures Lord Flash
    Collect 200 Figures, then beat the Tournament Mode with Kevin Mask Big Budo and Chojin Kid Muscle
    Unlock Commander King Muscle and win the Tag Tournament Mode with Shivano and Sunshine Supreme Rouge Shogun
    Beat the Tag Tournament mode with Neptuneman and Big Budo Poseidon and Starface
    Start a Team Battle Mode and select these wrestlers in this order: Ramenman, Beetlebomb, Robin Mask, Neptuneman, and King Muscle. Have one character win a match, then lose, then your next wrestler win then lose, until you win the last match with K.M. Commander King Muscle
    Beat the Tag Tournament Mode with King Muscle and Prince Lou Ow Blackhole and Lord Wrangler
    Collect 300 Figures, then get 10 Wins in Survival Mode Grandpa
    Get 10 Wins in Survival Mode Comrade Turbinski and Vince McMadd
    Complete the Toy Collection mode, then complete the Mask Hunt mode Gold Rouge
    Complete the Mask Hunt mode Street Scrapper and Ricardo, Submission Artist

    Contributed by: Hanyousama 

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