Turn Based has a whole new meaning

User Rating: 9 | Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords Gold Edition PC
When I started playing this game, it was hard. The AI was actually amazing and sometime impossible to predict which left you devising new strategies each time you start a new game. So it's always fresh, it even learns from you so don't be predictable.

I swear the enemy will even send you a message saying how dumb my strategy is because it can see all my ships lined up at our borders ready for a strike, and of course I attacked like he said I will do, and everything he said I did but, what he didn't say is his attack from behind my region of space and he invaded me as well as defending strong on his front. Goes to show who's smarter in this game at first. The word Strategy has meaning and depth.

Each Race has its own personality. Not everyone wants to annihilate you, some feel your presence will save them, some feel as equal, some want nothing to do with you, some even want to eat you! You can sense culture among each race you play with and you can see your own. I end up being a little like The Federation of Star Trek, I even designed similar ships, and Borg Cubes lol. It's scary...there's no limits to your imagination to this game. You can save your designs for future games you can spend hours making something because to progress the game all you gotta do is press end turn. Besides winning 3 or 4 different ways this game is endless.

The only problems I found in this game and I believe for future installments, is as follows:

1.More Racial portraits to choose from as well as emblems to your race
2. More Responsibilities when forming alliances. I found it limited, you can only do so much then that's it.
3. Better simulated battles - I'd like to see battles more like Sins of a Solar Empire (made by the same peeps) Where your weapons fire from the weapons not the centre of the ship, as well as your ships finishing off the enemies instead of leaving some of them messed up but still alive... till the end of battle they all blow up.

Besides that, wicked game everyone has to try it out. Download it from the internet try it then buy the game. You can't update it or anything unless you buy it, plus if you love it you owe it to them anyways they spent years and years developing this engine. Check out Sins of Solar Empire, it is outstanding as well. These guys know how to make a good space game