It's like a chibified version of Grand Turismo!

User Rating: 9.6 | Penny Racers GBA
Racing games are fun!
Customizable racing games are even more fun!
Kart style games are alot of fun!
Collection games are fun too!
So what happens when you mix the three and throw in some cute graphics and a second to none gameplay engine?
You get Gadget Racers!

This has to be one of the coolest racers for the GBA!

Graphics are crisp and pretty! nothing looks bland or muddy, well except the mud, but that's supposed to so it's ok! my only complaint in this department is that they didn't bother to animate the wheels, but they are tiny so you won't notice that much, unless your playing on a GBA player then you might notice, well even then you'll be too focused on the FUN of the game.

The game play is smoother then 12 year old scotch! Responsive controls, a comfortable button layout, and all kinds of fun little races to keep you busy, and when I say alot of races, I mean ALOT. You get several per world, come in first and you win free parts, and special bonus races where you earn rarer stuff!

The parts adds alot to the game's charm, you can buy everything from new bodies and conventional parts for your car, or you can go for crazy stuff like propellers, and tank treads for the special courses.
Discovering what part combo works for each race is also part of the fun, and the game saves automatically.

Sound and Music lacks a little bit, sounds could stand to be clearer, and the music save for the title sequence sounds like it came from the original Gameboy.

All in all this is a GREAT game, you can pick it up and just do a quickly race to kill a couple minutes if need be! It also offers multiplayer for those interested, via link play!

This is a racer for everyone!