Fun but it isnt great. Character dosnt talk and dosnt have a pesonality witch makes the storty line bad no createapark.

Hi am Brett Manning and am going to reveiw Tony hawks project 8. This game is way different from the other tony hawk games. They use motion capture so the game feels more real. This dosnt make the game alot funner but its nice. The goals are fun the loctoins are ok . There divided up so you play career mode to unlock all of them. There is a new thing witch is nail the trick this really fun for aliitle pit but then gets boring. Its smooth tho and nice. But the making your character sucks and the story line sucks your character dosnt talk or have a personality. This game just gets boring faster than the other tony hawk games. But its fun but not great. This game is alittle hard to review because its fun but then its not as good plus no create-a-park watchs is lame!!!!!!!. One more thing you can play as travis barker :) cheat codes typed in plus44 :) .