Fusion: Genesis Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Join the Consortium faction. Trader
    Join the Sunshadow Syndicate. Smuggler
    Join the Praetoriate Fleet. Protector
    Join the Dominion of Allied Planets. Warrior
    Join the Revenant Order. Zealot
    Complete all the Consortium story missions. Tycoon
    Complete all the Sunshadow Syndicate story missions. Crimelord
    Complete all the Praetoriate Fleet story missions. Lawmaster
    Complete all the Dominion of Allied Planets story missions. Warlord
    Complete all the Revenant Order story missions. Chosen
    Earn all skills for a faction. Skilled
    Complete a Warzone mission. Warmonger
    Complete a Dark Legion Invasion mission. Defender
    Complete the Ark special mission. Savior
    Acquire a new sentient AI. Collector
    Level a sentient to maximum level. Omniscient
    Reach pilot level 25. Upstart
    Reach pilot level 50. Veteran
    Reach pilot level 75. Hero
    Reach pilot level 100. Legend

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Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by Genteel-Madman 429K