Why the bad reviews by the "pros"? It's an awesome game

Whether gliding thousands of feet or mercilessly cutting innocent bystanders in half this game provides a ton of action and fun. Side missions are very numerous and aren't completely necessary but are helpful gaining experience. Using the variety of weapons at your disposal you lay waste to thousands of zombie like creatures and the U.S. military. Simply gliding around and killing people only to then hijack some helicopters is still extremely satisfying feeling. A few problems however with the game:
- Replay value of the main storyline may not be great.
- When throwing objects against wall, sometimes they don't make any noise which is weird.

I rarely, if ever, had difficulties with the camera. Gliding on top of bodies is soo fun. Overall, a really enjoyable game that I think the critics somehow overlooked. Deserves at least a 8.5 by all the "experts."

This game is great for spilling people's blood