Good game play, awesome enviroments, spectacular action. Only problem is that its the same thing over and over again!!!!

So you go for a drive you come to a town you have to stop fight your way through, kill the badies and then you repair your vehicle and get back on it then drive some more only to have more badies drive up and attack you again so you stop get out of your vehicle, kill them and then fix your vehicle and off you go and then you notice a diamond close by so you stop get out go find it and start driving again and then you come to another check point kill all the guards, repair your vehicle off you go and then another diamond and then a car drives up and attacks you and then another check point.

Over and over and over again like 12 times and you are just trying to get to 1 objective.

It wouldnt be so bad if you killed people at a checkpoint they stay dead but no they respawn so you have to do it over and over again. As far as i was concerned i felt it got pretty tedious pretty darn fast.

At first i was really into it until i saw it was the same thing over and over....cant stand it!