MGS3 Snake Eater was the reason why i traded my Gamecube in for a PS2,MGS3 Subsistence is the reason why i still play it

Konami and Kojima Productions have Re-released there infamous Snake Eater, this time bursting at the seams with bonus features like the brand new third person camera which lets you see your environment more clearly without having to go into first person every two minutes to check up on the position of an enemy. On top of that the game also includes the original Metal Gear, and the never before released in America Metal Gear2. But more importantly it comes with MGO or Metal Gear Online, which as the name implies it's Metal Gear Solid Online. Both fitting on two disks, the original MGS3 on the first disk and MGO and the old Metal Gears on the second disk. And for those of us lucky enough to get a Limited Edition you get a third disk with a three and a half hour movie made up of all the cutscenes of the game. Now for the review.

The gameplay in MGS3S's single player mode is sneaking around enemies, collecting food, saving someone, and fighting Boss's. Now on paper that may seem boring but in action its so fun few words can describe it. Lucky for you and Snake your enemies have tunnel vision so unless there looking direcley at you they wont spot you, after sneeking up on them you have to option to hold them up or preform one of the CQC attacks that were introduced in Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater. Besides the the Boss Battles are fun plus the Bosses your fight are so cool and memorable that even after you reside this game to your shelf it wil still bring up a sense of nostalgia every time you hear one of there names. The eating, and the fact that you have to heal your self after you get hurt bad is a little bit off though. The fact that you could break your leg then just fix it quickly and return to battle with no affects, it takes some of the realism out of the game but thats the only problem that i have with the single player game.

The gameplay online is completly different, first is that you dont have all the same moves that you have in the single player game, Such as being able to grab some one and keep them hostage, looking in first person and leaning left and right, and you actually have to go through a reload animation instead of tapping R2 twice to reload, but you get used to it and quickly adapt. There are only a few weapons you can choose from, two assault rifles, the SVD and Mosin Nagant, the M37, both handguns, a few grenades and the "book". But those are not the only guns you can fight with through out your match different weapons will spawn like the RPG and the M36. The different modes are variated, fun, and addictive. The only downside to online comes with the voice chat, if you have a Headset you have to hold down the select button to talk which takes you out of the game completley and could easily get you killed trying to give out orders which is menial but if you dont have a headset or dont mind not being able to talk to your team its no big deal.

The graphics in this game are pretty much shy of tear jerking beauty. The character models are great there is just about no flaws, every once in a while snakes arm will go through an enemy or get caught in the corner of a wall. But besides that the models will always be great. The backgrounds are almost real, the jungle looks alive and you can almost feel the grains of sand in your shoes and the heat on your face on the mountain.

MGS has always been known for there epic music and this game is no different, the music will set the mood every time its qued up. The fast paced danger music for if you get spotted or are in teh middle of a gun fight, and the ambient music that plays during cutscenes. Even the Theme song that plays before the game starts has that Jazz club feel to it and sounds great.

The Basic version of the game is only $30 and the Limited Edition is $40 so either way you go its gonna be really worth it. The original MGS3 sells for $19.99 so for $10 more you can get the game and a ton of bonus features. The Limited Edition version is strictley for collectors, and those who just wnat it to say they have it. The third disk is all the cutscenes cut together with some footage of snake sneaking past guards to get to the next cutscene, along with the complete trailer for MGS4 which is pretty cool but both of those things you can get simply by looking online for the trailer, and watching the cutscenes through the Demo Theater on disk 1. So it really depends on what the person buying it wants.

MGS3S is one of the greatest games the PS2 has, and it defines how fun online play should be. With a few minor kinks in the game it still is the closest game clos to perfect i have ever had the pleasure of playing. I recommend that anyone who plays video games to give this game a shot.