Imagine you have purchased Tiger Woods 2007 a couple of years ago and played it to death. Well thats what I did, then thought I'd update to 2009 as it has more courses, options, features and players etc.

Unbelievable. This game is terrible.

The game face and equipment options which has always been good if not a little basic on the PSP is awkward and takes ages.

The menu's are light too, not like previous games which were straightforward, logical, welcoming and user friendly.

Being a veteran I found that hitting the ball consistently with the analogue doesn't work. Having played 2007 for two years I should be reasonably consistent but this is terrible.

The commentary is dull and uninspiring. I know Gerry McCord and the other guy were a bit annoying but at least they were nice on the ear. The gameplay is clunky. It loads halfway then stops starts stops etc.

The controls are stupid. Who on earth wants to go to a two/three click system? The putting doesn't make sense either.

I can only think that Tigers injury has been reflected on this game as it is truly awful. At least Tiger Woods PGA 2010 will have to be better.

One to avoid I think.