Allowing the Captain in all of us to come through!

User Rating: 8 | FTL: Faster Than Light PC
I enjoy this game and was waiting with anticipation for its release purchasing it off of Humbles own site. I like the designers background story of how they were scrappy developers seeking the public to help them make a game they all liked.

As to the game play, I really am enjoying it, despite the fact that the random generators seem to have been screwing my adventures up. It makes me want to come back for more and I recently found myself sitting playing this for several hours. . luckily I had off the next day . . .

To me, it seems similar to the Weird Worlds game, but with more space to push through.

Like the review by GS here I was a little disappointed that I could not explore everywhere, but this is also part of the charm.

I also got really into the fact that you can control the damage control aspects and fire fighting is a real challenge -- especially when the doors seem to consistently fail.

I do see the repeat missions, but even though I seemed to run into similar or the same encounters, it was part of the games charm that took me back to my 8 bit days.

The combat was also refreshingly simple. The fact that the weapons seem to pop out of the ship for combat and you can see some of the effects of what's going on as well as the immediate effects of the damage on you (what is the Kestrel made of? Papier Mache?) make the "micro managing" fun. Literally since the characters are like 12 pixels.

Overall, despite my own setbacks of seeming to continually blow up, I feel that this is a well done game with some heavy re-playability that is more than worth the $9/$10 price tag.