"Remember, losing is part of the fun! ... No, I'm serious..."

User Rating: 9 | FTL: Faster Than Light PC
-Excellent music draws you in and fits the game perfectly at all times.
-Huge variety of ships, crewmates, and abilities to find and unlock.
-Highly strategic gameplay that can end very quickly if you're not careful.
-Combat and targeting/repairing ship components is frantic and a lot of fun.
-Graphical design is 2D, but the artwork and animations look great, especially when things are exploding.
-Difficulty steadily increases as you go and it's a challenging game even on easy mode.
-Good variety of scripted events and various ways of responding.

-Some aspects of the game are just a tad off balance. For example, Ion storms cut your entire ship's power in half. I believe this may be a little too harsh.
-Sometimes trying to navigate to the sector's exit leads to a dead end and you're pretty much screwed at that point.

Overall an excellent indie game and well worth $10! Give it a look if you enjoy RPGs or Sci-Fi.