WOW! This game is absolutely the Best and unique game to date

Where do I start? This game is absolutely amazing both in it's single story and multi story play. I have been through both games and in the package and all I can say is inject me with more puzzles they are absolutely the greatest mind blowing puzzles you will attempt to play through.

I love the inteaction of GlaDos and Weatly and when you combine your skills with another player in multimode well, It's just awesome gameplay along with quirky and outlandish pranks you can pull on one another.

It makes you feel like your truly a robot standing in a room thinking aside another robot mind and the interaction is just nuts. You can destroy one another you can set up your partner for the craziest stunts you can transport each other high five even tear one another apart but it's all in fun.

The Graphics are A+ the sound is amazing the interaction is just too cool for words and the strategies are well thought out not just put out there waiting for you to find cheats you won't need them if you think with portals.

Overall opinion on this great game

Graphics 10
Sound 10
Artistic Expression 10
AI 10
Creativity 10
Controls 10

This is one game you will want to play again and again just to see what else you can do to solve a puzzle it seems there is more than one way to solve each puzzle. And don't forget you can make your own puzzles to.