'This game is surprisingly incredible and entertaining (now if only gundam was like this or armor core)

User Rating: 7.3 | Front Mission 4 PS2
yes, i finally found a game that suites my needs and probably your needs as well,thats if you are into strategic games like armor core 4 and final fantasy then you are in luck.I hope my review will help you in either buying this game or not selling it or even renting it(you choice) lol.well anyway,this game is about building these humongous (well maybe not that large)robots named wanzars then after that you get to us them in combat with other enemies that are stronger then your wanzars.like i said this game is great not because i'm saying it but because this game is sort of like brain teaser and if you ask me i like my brain getting teased by a quick thinking game(lol).

ok,now that i've discussed the basics,moving onto some of the downside of this game.one of them is that some characters when they speak the scenario is ahead.like in some cut-scene the people are speaking while the wanzar is not there or the ship has left the scene and the people on the ship is still speaking while the enemy is speaking to the wanzars.another dislike i have on this game is the graphics.mmmm!! what to say about the graphics.oh yeah maybe its the switch between close encounter view and the area view.if i was the one making this game,i would let the players choose there own views but other then that the graphics is superb (kind of ironic is'nt it)

now for the conclusion.I rate this game a must buy until the other versions is released of the front mission series.till then grasp on to this game because if you let it go you will miss a history in the making. ^_^