This game is a surprisingly good RTS style robot combat game with some unexpected add-ons.

User Rating: 8.4 | Front Mission 4 PS2
Front Mission 4 is obviously the 4th edition in the Front Mission series, but this one is actually worth playing. Unlike the Playstation 1 Front Mission 3, this game vastly expands on the action and fun. Witn tons of upgrades and different fighting styles such as hand-to-hand, sniping and machine gun shooting. The machine gun provides with alot of damage altogether and somewhere between low and medium damage in almost all areas of your mech. Hand-to-Hand provides with an alright amount of damage with an unlimited ammo supply, but leaves you vulnerable to some pretty harsh open fire. Sniping is my favorite and gives you a great time with toying around with your helpless enemy. As with every gun, you can cause damage to all of the parts of a mech including arms and legs, so with a sniper rifle equipped in your trusty arm, you'll have your enemy limping or finding himself without an arm that used to contain his weapon in no time. Also, the graphics are also well presented with a nice destructive effect. The graphics are crisp and look pretty good, but aren't revolutionary. You do get a nice feel of satisfaction after you see the circuits of your fallen enemy as he explodes right in front of your face. On another note, the graphics are good and look like a respectively polished, but the sound may bring the overall experience down a knotch when you're used to at least medium to high quality sound. The sound in this game like others, is not anything that will catch your ear. Sure there's some basic and advanced sound techniques used to create the sound for this game, but they could have been better and more various. The value of this game is quite high though, due to it's almost endless storyline. I never thought i'de be able to beat this game without getting bored with it, but I did and I would have to this game is much longer than the standard game found. It's about a 20 hour game if I can recall correctly, but tha was a while back and I can just remember that it took me forever to beat it. Anyway, this game was a definate rent and a possible buy, but if you like games like these, then you should buy it and actually be able to beat the entire game because I can assure you, this game will never be beaten in a rented period!