Front Mission 4 for the PS2

User Rating: 8 | Front Mission 4 PS2
Is it an RPG? Or is it a Strategy Game? Well to tell you the truth...It's both. The Front Mission Series has continuously blurred the line between RPG/Strategy for years (first on the PS1 and now on the PS2). This particular game is very unique in sense that it is also based on Robotic Combat. When I first played Front Mission 3, I just couldn't let the controller out of my hands. My friend would use is crowbar just to get it out of there. It's kind of like I had a "Robo" grip on it (Robocop). The storyline was addictive and refresingly new to the genre after Final Fantasy reinvented it in it's own way. Front Mission stood out but no one knew it enough to bring it to heights that the FF series has gone. The gameplay is turn-based (as it was in the previous title) and you can control up to 4-6 robots at once. Each robot has a pilot which escapes before their robot self-detonates (when the HP bar is down to 0). You can switch weapons on the fly and call air-strikes. Each character has their own unique abilities but it is up to You to utilize them. There are 2 storylines, involving the Durandal and the Army. You switch between them as you progress through the game. Robot customization goes the extra mile this time around which even lets you upgrade the robot's CPU. The gameplay may have been good, but the graphics is where the game gets hit where the sun don't shine. They are very outdated and the battle scenes don't live up to the nature of a 15 ton tank. You would be thinking HUGE explosions and INCREDIBLE gun fights but's nothing exciting. Front Mission 4 is definately worth the purchase since Pre-Owned copies are only $20 and New Copies are only $39.99 (Canadian Prices). I recommend it to all RPG lovers out there. Front Mission 4 gave me everything I wanted in an RPG/Strategy Game and I rate it a well deserving 8/10. Thanks for reading! The Chicken.