When you say Frontmission, too many people tend to say "what?" their mistake.

User Rating: 8.3 | Front Mission 4 PS2
If you've played FF:Tactics you've just about played FM4. This is a great Strategy Role Playing Game. Many say that the multitude of customization is too much, which it generally is when it can take 45 minutes to prepare your units for a 90 minute battle. The storyline is great and the the characters are all diverse. A simple asian guerilla vs asian govt with some Americans and others thrown into the mix, reminds me of Vietnam. Anyways, you will want to forge ahead just for character development and to move the story, not to fight the dumb AI which is a quite bit predictable to say the least. The graphics are the biggest upgrade from FM3 on the Playstation 1. The bullets fly as well as the parts, these graphics are what you would expect from the same company that made FFX. The BGM sucks and the sound effects are fine, many people don't really care about the sound in this game anyways. The value is limited, play it once and it's done, but it is a 40+ hour game. I love it, I hope you do too, its a hardcore game for people who can and will dedicate their time to it.