Classic Robot-To-Robot Combat Or RPG?,Front Mission 3 Is Just And Emphasis Of Both Things!

User Rating: 8.9 | Front Mission 3 PS
Front Mission 3

There was a time when I were searching for a more modern RPG,why all the RPGs have to be so Medieval-Style?,isn’t there more than swords and shields?,obliviously!,Robots and missiles!.This may appear like a mess,a classic Japan-Like Game with a lot of special effects and noisy metal of the robots smashing themselves continually,well,that’s not!.
First of all,Front Mission 3 is a serious created game,with a serious story and a solid gameplay,his style is very similar to a date-game(Where the characters appears in the screen as a cartoon-like images,they don’t move(They are static but their appearance can change),just talk in a little message box in the bottom of the screen),when is the time to chat,but when it comes the fighting time,it turn itself like a Chessboard(Just like Final Fantasy Tactics),and the battle takes places In a turn-based strategy game.
Turn-Based strategy on a Robot Combat??,that seems boring! – Yeah,maybe,if you think that a game about robots is always an adrenaline-full one(Like Zone Of The Enders,to get the idea),as I said before,Front Mission 3 is a mix of a turn-based RPG and a Robot game,with decent animations(The Robots are still in 3D and when they perform an action the camera zoom on them,showing a good-detailed action),plus an incredible variety of robots parts,items and secrets.
Out of the battle,the game is not much free in movements,but you can access with a virtual PC to a very complex system(Similar to today’s internet),when you can retrieve an enormous quantity of information and in-deep aspects of the world of Front Mission 3…but is just too hard to describe…I will make you just one example to show you how great is this game:You will be asked about a very banal thing at the beginning of the game,apparently,is just a”Yes”,or”No”,but,belive in me,the 90% of the game will change radically from that answer.