Perfect PS game.

User Rating: 10 | Front Mission 3 PS
You know when I first found this game I left it in the used game bin for a week at the video store passing it by time and time again until Its priced dropped down to like 11 bucks. Now mind you this was when it came out and I have never even heard of front mission but long story short I’m a sucker for dirt cheap games and will buy them if they are even remotely interesting.

The I popped it into my PS and played it … 8 hours later alone in my room linking off double assaults ( gun in one hand, melee in another) to destroy an enemy in one deft move. I was hooked, and the great thing about it was it never seemed to end. I still have not beaten it mind you I have not played it in a while due to TV issues with my PS. All in all an awesome game. You can customize every bit of your mech down to colors and different equipment parts, and you get bonus mechs if you kill the pilot without killing the mech, if your HP is low and one team mate ejects a pilot from a shiny new wanzer (the mechs in game) you get out and steal theirs only to use it against the wee fella on the ground.

Great game play, great music, great style perfect game, could you expect less of square Enix I think not.