The game itself is solid as hell, but the story and rating system are not.

User Rating: 8.3 | Front Mission 3 PS
I love this game for its gameplay. It's overwhelmingly deep. Building a mech from scratch is incredibly fun. I can't imagine how a team of programmers could be this detailed and good. The various routes in the game garuantee that each time you play will be a different experience. Each map offers a new twist in strategy and objectives. Throughout all the battles, and there are a lot, I never got bored or felt like I was playing the same level again.

Ok, enough of kissing its ass. let's talk about the really lame parts. Since there are SO many levels, the story gets a tad dry. i found myself zipping through the talking, because the battles were so damned fun. I forgot a lot of the main story points and just played from scenario to scenario. Between scenarios is the internet-like operating system. Many secrets are unlocked within it, but it i also very slow and cumbersome. It slows down the pacing of the game and gets between me and the battles

The second problem with this game is the weird ass ranking system. The stronger you get, the worse the rankings. It frustrated me to no end. Though, I learned quite fast to completely ignore these. When you start to get Cs, then just imagine they stand for "Conqueror, you are."

This game is one of the best mech strategy games in a long time.