Front Mission 3 Cheats For PlayStation

  1. New game +

    Beat the final battle then save your game. When you load the data you will start a new game with each pilot retaining the skills and moves they learned.

    Contributed by: Fragnarok 

  2. Get Fukushima Simulator level

    Download from NTJ/Japan under name Highrise download with the password SINTJ

    This is the highest level simulator with tons of tough enemies

    Code Effect
    SINTJ ENable Fukushima download from NTJ/Japan site

    Contributed by: AntSam999 

  3. Download Shin-Ohgishima Road Simulator

    Download form NTJ/Governament/Japan with the password WNTJ in nagoya proyect

    Code Effect
    WNTJ Enable Shin-Ohgishima Road Simulator

    Contributed by: dkc_emperor 

  4. Get Hoshun M112 In Inferno Dial

    After enable the inferno dial in auspend/other/australia you need the password.the password is:555XKR224.

    Note:you get the inferno dial in emma's mission 50 and in alisa unknown

    Code Effect
    555XKR224 Get Hoshun M112 In inferno dial

    Contributed by: dkc_emperor 

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