One of the best 2D fighting games for PS2!!

This is one of the best 2D fighting games for PS2 and here is why.

To start off, Street Fighter is a great fighting game, and the first one to have 6 buttons, it made history. Street fighter 3rd strike, happens to have the best graphics in any Street Fighter. It has shadows, but not any shadow, when the character moves, it looks realistic. For example, for Elena, when she moves, u can see her shadow on her leg, and it looks pretty realistic. I think that is awesome. The gameplay for Street fighter 3rd strike is great. They added the parry option, it lets you counter attacks, just with pressing forward, and it makes a pretty cool sound when it happens. It plays just like any Street fighter, specials, combos, and much more! It also has new characters, like Dudley, Remy, Alex, and many more! It's a fighting experience!

Street fighter anniversary edition is the best Street fighter 2 remake. It includes all the character, it lets u choose modes. STurbo, Turbo, Normal, Warrior, Champ, etc. It also has great graphics, well not for this time. But they also improved it to fit the PS2 graphics that we have now, it looks great! Gameplay is also great, you can do combos, specials, everything! Except parry, of course. You are also able to unlock a secret character. I wont spoil it. An awesome game!!

Well there it is, my review. I highly reccomend this game to any Street fighter fan, or fighting games fan!