This is basically the same as the first one, but the few improved features make it outstanding.

I am a great Rock band 1 fan and player, beating drums and guitar on expert. So, this game was easy to pick up and play for me. I will review the new features and upgrades for the game.


Pretty solid in my opinion. All songs are originals which is sooo much better, the covers of rush and iron maiden in the first RB were dismal at best. Harmonix has also added a feature of being able to use ALL downloaded songs from the original and most songs from the first setlist for a small fee. They have also included a free 20-song downloadable setlist, which include small bands trying to get their name out. Overall pretty good, especially with allowing the old songs to transfer.


Finally! The have created single-player world tour! And it is also online! This mode is simply fantastic. Countless cities, many achievements which keep you going, and online world tour is a great way to play with friends from around the world, which I have used greatly. This mode is the reason you get this game. I think that they could have done this in the first game, and I'll bet they were holding out to be able to make a second one though in my opinion.


This is a new feature to music games as far as I know. Challenges are setlists of songs orgabized in various genres, year of realease, or just randomly. Usually there will be a certain amount of score you must get to complete the challenge. Battle of the bands is an online mode to face off in challenges against every band in Rock Band 2. These modes provide a great alternative in case you somehow get bored of world tour.


They have added a drum trainer mode, where you can use the drum kit to practise various fills and beats they give you, at various tempos. I am a drummer, so this was pretty easy, but the last few beats were pretty intense, and I have yet to perfect them.

So overall, now you don't need friends to play this game, with single player and online world tour, this game is an updated almost perfect version of Rock Band 1. Get out there and rock!