FreeSpace 2 Cheats For PC

  1. UD-8 Kayser in the mission ''Endgame''

    During "Endgame," the 25th mission (19th if you don't count the training missions), Volition programmers accidentally left 99 UD-8 Kaysers available in the pre-launch weapon selection screen even though the weapon isn't technically introduced until much later in the game. Use them! While they cause a significant drain in your power reserves when compared to other weapons, the Kaysers are the best primary weapons in the game and will utterly destroy the waves of NTF fighters you come across during this mission.

    Contributed by: Kakarot181 

  2. Pirate Ship

    During a mission, type ''arrrrwalktheplank'' to summon a priate ship.

    Contributed by: Nivla 

  3. Invincible

    During a mission type in:, then it will say something like cheat enabled or somthing like that. Then after you do that press the letter ''i''.

    Contributed by: bmxracer1 

  4. Various Cheats

    In mission you should type in to enable cheats. Then type in the cheats designated below.

    Cheat Function Cheat
    Kill selected target ~ + K
    Invincibility ~ + I
    Toggle invincibility for target ~ + [Shift] + I
    Unlimited weapons for all ships ~ + [Shift] + W
    Unlimited weapons for only your ship ~ + W
    All primary goals complete ~ + G
    All secondary goals complete ~ + [Shift] + G
    All bonus goals complete ~ + [Alt] + G
    Scroll forward through primary weapons ~ + 0
    Scroll backward through secondary weapons ~ + [Shift] + 0

    Contributed by: Strikerkid 

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