Freelancer Cheats For PC

  1. God mode

    Find ''perfoptions.ini'' in the My Documents/My Games/Freelancer folder, and find this line:


    Replace it with

    DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 0.00...

    ...and you are invulnerable to everything.

    If you want a greater challenge, replace the line with DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 2.00

    Contributed by: gus2k3 

  2. Fix text issues

    Go to your FreelancerEXE folder. Look for a file named, ''flconfigdatabase.txt'' and open it. Scroll down until you see the name of your manufacturer. Now look for your GFX card's model number. Make a new line under it. Hit TAB then paste this: TextureOffset. Do not copy the fullstop. Scroll down to the bottom of the model number list and you should see some words like this:

    Get rid of the ForceSquareTextures line. Save the file then close it.

    I would like to thank kinyajuu, as I followed these steps to fix my video card.

    Contributed by: SuperNerd 

  3. Skipping the Intro Movies

    Do you ever get annoyed having to always press ESC to skip the intro movies (MGameStudios logo, DigitalAnvil etc.)?

    To stop them from being shown, but not deleting them, follow these steps.
    PLEASE NOTE: This requires editing a game file. Please backup before attemping.

    1) Browse to your Freelancer EXE directory. Usually located at:
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\EXE
    (where C: represents the drive directory).
    2) Open up freelancer.ini (preferably in Notepad).
    3) Under [Startup] are three entries, each beginning with 'movie_file ='. Delete these three entries.

    Done. No more movies. To restore them, just load the backup. You did make a backup......didn't you?

    Contributed by: kewl_phil_69 

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