Terrain Deformation had a lot of promise, sadly, it failed to deliver

User Rating: 8.5 | Fracture PS3
From the missions I've played so far, this game seems like a standard shoot-em up. You are an invincible tank named Jet Brody. If you hide behind a wall for 5 seconds all of your health will recharge. Even so I'll give this game credit on origanality. Terrain deformation makes you feel, if possible, even more invincible. Creating a trench for yourself to recharge gets old after a while. The fact that your enemies also have this tech spices things up a bit. And the AI works beautifly you'll find yourself wonderfully amazed and annoyed when an enemy you trying to get to keeps rasing the terrain so you can't get to them. Sadly though, you can't exactly say the same for your allies. I've only seen one use for them. And that's to pick of enemies that I shot to within an inch of their lives. There also pros at stepping right in your line of fire.

They really do a good job on playing modern issues to the limit. Like global warming. The Mississippi river floods and splits the USA in two. Quite an inspired idea in my opinion.

Overall, this game is beautiful in the way its character models are designed and has wonderfully done battlefields. (Not that they look the same after you've run through them, raising the terrain like there's no tommorow) The plot is well done, and the voice acting is good to a point. Overall it is a fine edition to all war games and deserves a place right in between Call of Duty and Halo on your game shelf. Well done Lucasarts