mario sunshine is great

this was one of the first games i played for gamecube, nearly a month ago i bought it and i have just finished it playing nearly at 100 percent

wow the first time i played it i was surprised by the bosses, its veeeery fun trying to wash a giant monster's teeth or trying to make bowser fell fromhis bathtub. the graphics are good. but what is really good from this game is taht is very colorful, the beach, the lake, all looks very colorful, you want to explore the environment, this make the search of blue coins or shine sprites interesting and fun, you wont get bored searching for all the items. the bad thing of this game isthat sometimes you'll get extremely frsutrated, mostly in the places were that piece of ***** dark mario takes your flud, or sometimes trying to catch the red coins. but the rest of the game is veeery fun. the music sometimes can get repetitive but gives a good point for making you feel in the island environment. hummmm the game is what i expected you still feel as if you were playing the super mario brothers, not exactly but gives a good taste of it.
the game is veeery good, game play is superb, the idea of washing all the isle of slime is original and fun, the controls feel very well. in conclussion if you like platform games, and you are used to feeling frustrated, but if you dont, give it a try, specially to the bosses.