Boring Boring and pointless

User Rating: 1 | Forza Horizon X360
This is the most boring and pointless game i've ever played, very small map, no online players in single player free roam, no traffic in multiplayer free roam, mixed surface circuits to be raced with cars like Astin Martin One-77, no rain, night lasts about 10 seconds, no headlights, no turn signal lights, no horn, no active roofs in convertibles (even Midnight Club L.A. has this feature), medium graphics, quality sound but very low volume, you can change radio stations as you drive but you cannot change the volume, very interesting cars and excellent handling-physics-steering wheel feedback. Test Drive Unlimited 2 seems to be EPIC compared to this game, and this is bad news for Turn10 who made a big mistake allowing their name to be involved in such a poor game, as this is clearly a Playground game.