Fun game with a great potential

User Rating: 7.5 | Forza Horizon X360
I love Forza series and I was really looking forward to a open world game but I'm disappointed. Still it's a very fun game and definitely worth playing. I think they didn't put enough time in Forza Horizon and that they could make a much much better, awesome game. They should take TDU 2 as a great example of this kind of game and improve it but they didn't.

-Great graphics
-Spectacural scenery
-Open world, night, off-road
-Very addictive and fun
-Showcase events against planes, helicopters even hot air baloons
-Barn finds
-Small number of cars and expensive DLCs once again
-You can't open and close roofs on convertibles (like in TDU 2)
-No Porsche
-Multiplayer could be a lot more fun (singleplayer&multiplayer together -> TDU 2 style - that would be awesome)
-Only 8 players in MP
-No traffic in free roam
-Sometimes laggy multiplayer
-30 FPS