It's not a sim.

User Rating: 5 | Forza Horizon X360
Ok. Not worth the full price. Graphics are "cartoony", gameplay is average. This game is worth renting, but I wouldn't purchase it. Even though the car handling physics out pace ANY Forza game, maybe a might too forgiving.......Does not hold my interest. This is just another avenue to sell more car or "route" packs...this game is.not for me. I'm done with Forza and this poorly done Test Drive Unlimited copy! The studio that developed the game (not Turn 10) has done a better job and the excitement level. I would like to see a complete SIM from them and never another one from Turn-10......
They were promising another "Gotham" style game, I guess this is it! Have more fun. Just pop in TDU or TDU 2. The way to have the most fun racing is to play Gran Turismo 5.