A racing game that appealed to someone not really into racing games

User Rating: 9 | Forza Horizon X360
Yes, this review is coming from a person who has never been quite into racing games, unless you're talking Super Nintendo days of F-Zero and Super Off Road the Baja..

Because they are difficult and I just have no real invested interest in the genre. Then I saw a commercial for this game which, quite honestly, conveyed all its substance. The commercial made the game seem stylish, cool, fun, current and modern. My interest was piqued so I downloaded the demo (and I have downloaded many a demo of racing games in the past, believe me I have always been looking for a reason to like this genre).

It took about ten minutes of playing a week ago before I ran to my computer to pre-order as so I wouldn't miss out on the collectors edition.

I mentioned my own thoughts from my first impressions, from the commercial and from the game "stylish, cool, fun, current and modern", well these are the promotional words written on the box "Celebrate speed, music and style"

What I'm getting at is, not only does this game basically either pass or excel on most fundamental points of what defines and makes a racer game, it goes beyond to reach to new audiences, it's current, it's loud and most importantly, IT'S FUN!!

Reading from many other reviews across the web, most people say that the Forza series has the nuances and dynamics, the intricacies of the cars of how they drive, how they handle on the road to all manner of subjection to the wheel, the break and the pedal, but the graphics.. One step away from watching life feed from the real thing on tv except the player is controlling the action. I cannot believe it, and that again is another strong appeal point to me, the 'free roam' aspect where you can basically just, free roam, drive and hit the open road around Colorado where this game is themed and based.rnrnYou chase the sunset, you chase the moon, you chase life, and it all feels SO REAL there's something to be said about the romantic aspect to this game. It makes you want to venture out into the real world, hit the open road for destination unknown..rnrnAnd, lets get to the theme of this game, the premise is that it's all based around a festival of sorts, whether a music or a racing festival primarily I have yet to figure out, but music is about as integral to the overall aesthetic of this game as the actual racing.rnrnMy only laugh is, this game is supposed to take place in the United States, yet the actual game developer is from England, and the main intro theme music is the Chemical Brothers, a band from England, so the (counter)cultural lines get a little blurred at points ;)rnrnNone the less.rnrnWhy do I write this review? I am a non racing game genre person, and uh, this game quite frankly rocked my socks off. There is a demo that can be downloaded for free,rnrnI'm sure we all have tales of games we missed out only to rediscover later, I would say to anyone, give this a shot. Cheers.