Online functionality

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What exactly is the extent of the online functionality of the game?  Are you always connected to other players online? Are you able to cruise around with your buddies like in TDU? If not, that seriously limits the appeal of the game.

#2 Posted by waldot (1470 posts) -

From my understanding , you cannot cruise with your friends unless you create a party lobby , invite your friends(dont know how many)and start says it is NOT a massive online game like test drive.......

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I hope they include some type of open world online multiplayer / sandbox type mode. They'll be making a huge mistake by not including it. I'm assuming there are quite a few people that are wanting this just like me.. Hell, just the other day i was telling my wife how cool it'd be if they had a Forza 4 type TDU game.. Well, here it is, I hope they do it right.. TDU had a great concept, it just severely lacked the attention to detail that T10 gives.