Xbox1 owners - Are you enjoying the console so far?

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#51 Posted by StormyJoe (5875 posts) -

@marcheegsr said:

Im a ps4 owner at the moment but I do plan on getting x1 in January - Feb.

Not a fan boy, I don't choose sides.

That said, im curious what you guys think of the console so far? Anything you want to share.

Tell us what games you got and if they are good.

I live my Xbox One. What an awesome piece of tech.

#52 Posted by EfreemanX64 (20 posts) -

@marcheegsr: I love it. Yeah there are some minor issues which is expected due to being brand new. It plays great games look good.

#53 Posted by sukraj (23460 posts) -

@EfreemanX64 said:

@marcheegsr: I love it. Yeah there are some minor issues which is expected due to being brand new. It plays great games look good.

Glad that someone who owns a Xbox One is satisfied with the console.

#54 Posted by mpsamuels (7 posts) -

Overall I'm pleased with it. I've got Forza 5 and FIFA14 and love both of them. The future looks great as far as the games are concerned if this is only the first batch of games to arrive. Kinect's auto login seems impressive so far too but I haven't given Kinect sports a proper try out yet to see how well that really works. As I got it as primarily a games machine I can't complain at all here.

Sadly though it has it's niggles. Being in the UK, the TV pass through fault is a pain so I have had to abandon pushing my Sky signal through the xbox as the football is unwatchable. Passive HDMI passthrough would have been good too. OK the TV guide isn't fully operational here yet and I knew that was a way off but I didn't expect it to have any adverse effect! The GUI is taking some getting used to but I'm getting the hang of it. I also would have liked the ability to map to a NAS for streaming audio/video but I'll live without that.

#55 Posted by FamilyGuyFan507 (2437 posts) -

I love it, absolutely love it. I have Ryse and NBA 2K14. Both are fun as hell to play (Even Ryse, just a straight hack n' slash)

#56 Posted by Killrnut (123 posts) -

Hell to the fuck to the yes I'm enjoying it.

Fuck sony bots. You defensive whiny japanese emotards failed to derail everything, and I'm loving it.

It's not a perfect console, but practically every negative can be ironed out with future updates. The controller is the best I've ever used, Switching between apps and games is lightning quick, and yes, it does gaming just fine. No complaints with graphics in either Forza 5 or battlefield 4.

#57 Posted by AutoPilotOn (8565 posts) -

I was able to open mine early now. I have dead rising 3 and demos( KI ultimate is under tree still) I really like the system. I look forward to improvement because it's by no means perfect but I have confidence it will evolve over months and years.

#58 Edited by christianRho (24 posts) -

@dbtbandit67: I don't get how now the dual shock controller is so much better than the best controller there was which was the xbox controller? lol all the new PS4 controller is that's any different is that it is larger in size. Like the Xbox controller. Really?