xbox scammed me!

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I purchased a call of duty ghosts on my xbox 360 on the marketplace with promise of being able to buy it for 10$ on my xbox one. But, since my account is a child account (not 18) I now have to buy it for full price again.

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@johncharles5: so why are you complaining here. Call MS and they will handle it.

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Doesn't seem like a scam here. It's not microsofts fault that your account is a child account.

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u were not promised anything,

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stop whining

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Do you have that promise on a written document with a signature from a Microsoft Executive? Have they emailed you directly promising you this deal? To be honest you should have read the terms and conditions. Try calling up Microsoft and argue your case, but I doubt you'll get far being underage and all.

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If you have a child account, you shouldn't be playing Ghosts anyway.