Xbox One's first commercial is a hit!

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Hey all,

Everyone is saying that Microsoft isn't promoting xbox one enough, in some ways its true but isn't. Because this is not only the coolest commercial ive seen, but its a hit! It would be good if there were more of these commercials for xbox one, but that can wait. Another problem is that, I think these commercials are only featured on American TV. You see, I'm in Australia and we dont get commercials for xbox one. Hopefully this gets changed soon.

On the other hand, advertisement boards are going well, even in Australia. I was watching tv and I saw xbox one all over these advertisement boards on a race track. So thats great to see. Hopefully more promotions are released soon.

Watch the Xbox One Commercial Here!

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Me like :)

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It´s ok.

But I would prefer something with an epic feel to it, especially the music fail to get to me.

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i really liked it. i partially argee with phbz, I do think that they should make another commercial that has more of a epic feeling.

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Loving it!

I also like the XBox Anthem trailer, too.

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was watching walking dead last night. They was promoting the shit out of win8.... not x1

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Nice promo! Too bad that they couldn't get a recognizable driver for the Forza moment. And I agree, the music could have been better. Oh and I wish Titanfall was not a March release. That MS is not pushing the ad's out is a sign that sales are good. However I expect this ad to be all over the tube during launch time.

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@_TheJoker_ said:

Me like :)

me like too

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@jetjetjaguar: Hahaha, They should of made The Stig drive the car. and yeah I have to agree not the best music, but the animations and ideas were AMAZING! loved it!

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i love the zombie and the ryse section of that ad! so cool. cant wait for my X1!!!

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@bumsonfire: Good idea, The Stig would have been great and not too pricey to hire as long as the helmet stays on(!). There are tons of people that could have made it more of a moment. And who cares if a non-race fan doesn't recognize the driver. I don't recognize the football player in the ad but it's clear he is "world class".

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@adders99 said:

i love the zombie and the ryse section of that ad! so cool. cant wait for my X1!!!

I cant wait too where did u pre order your's from.