Xbox One or PS4?

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Xbox One or PS4... no PC suggestions ha!

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System wars

Why ask a question like this in the xbox forum section? I wonder what the majority will say.

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I own an Xbox One and I'm enjoying all the launch games.

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do u wanna play xbox one games? then get xbox one but if u wanna play ps4 games, then get ps4

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I was un decided at 1st but went with Xbox One. I will get the PS4 later on down the line. The reason I got the Xbox One is there just seems to be more games at launch what I want to play and seems to be that bit more exclusives. I have a PC and PS4 seems to be getting the same games for that any way apart from a couple which I am not interested such as knack and killzone . If Uncharted or the Last Of Us where out as a Laucnh title then I would have probably got the PS4 first but there some time away yet so can wait. It depends on what you want and if you have a decent PC then I would get the X1 and then later PS4.

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Uh, I'd suggest looking at what both consoles offer to you in terms of games and value than asking some random people on the internet, but I guess I'm just old-fashioned. Carry on.

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Uh, I'd suggest looking at what both consoles offer to you in terms of games and value than asking some random people on the internet, but I guess I'm just old-fashioned. Carry on.

I'm ole fashioned too brah.

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I wonder what the responses will be like when you post this in an Xbox One forum lol.

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Commonsense would tell us it would be biased, however the sony drones love to do nothing but spam any topic related to the x1. Just look at this site and others over the last 8 months and you'll understand.

To the OP: it all depends on which one has the games you like and what you want out of a system. They each have their pros and cons.

My opinion is the X1 offers more and will continue to offer more as it's designed to grow with the cloud. It's not an underpowered system by any stretch. I've loved the system since I've had it and have no regrets paying $100 more. The kinect works great, live is still good(admittedly it does need some work). Before someone chimes in with the whole "exclusive" argument, MS has a strong year coming up and they also said they plan on being very active in the exclusives dept compared to the 360(which wasn't as bad as some drones would lead you to believe.)

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I was a big 360 fan, but went with the PS4. The X1 won't even be released in my country until after summer

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Get whatever system interests you more (or even better, get both). Don't bother asking in system wars, that place is a lost cause. Anyways, I'm having a lot of fun with the Xbox One, so I think it's a great system.

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I actually just bought an XB1 yesterday (had a PS4), because I like the controller better than the DS4. For some reason the DS4, even though it's a big improvement over DS3, still felt uncomfortable to me after long sessions. But the XB1 controller just feels so nice.

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I'll actually give you a real answer because nobody else will. I own BOTH systems and I had to actually talk myself into buying Killzone for the PS4 because it's the only game even remotely worth getting on the system.

I buy the majority of multiplat games on the XB1 because I prefer Achievements much more than Trophies, unless the PS4 version is leaps & bounds better. So I'm left with only Killzone as the sole PS4 game to buy. I never really liked the series but justified it to myself because I wanted to make sure the system even worked properly.

If you bought all the multiplats on PS4 you would still have Dead Rising, Ryse & Forza to play just on XB1. The best game on PS4 right now is ResoGun, a PS+ game. It's an updated version of the old-school Atari game Defender.

Aside of games, the XB1 has a lot more functionality. It integrates with your cable/satellite tv service and has more apps available. The XB1 Fitness has all the popular work-out trainers, like P90x ect.. and you get unlimited access for a year.

The thing that Playstation does much better than Xbox is the VALUE they offer with PS+. While Xbox also has a free game giveaway program, it doesn't even compare to what PS+ offers. Sony gives away games that are only a few months old compared to the games that are years old that Xbox offers. That being said, the consoles are new, so there isn't much being given away yet. PS+ offers 2 games, which only 1 is good, and XB1 doesn't offer anything yet. Twitch integration is also much better on PS4, though Xbox will be updating their app to offer similar functionality.

My most anticipated thing for PS4 is the ability to stream PS3 games because I sold my PS3 before Last Of US came out and I REALLY want to play it.

So right now, at this point in time, the XB1 offers much better games. It's not even close to the crap available on the PS4. It's also convenient to walk in my house with my hands full and say, "Xbox On," and the XB1, the TV and the surround sound all pop on. It's the same when you say, "Xbox Turn Off." The PS4 has a similar, simpler version of it. When you turn on the controller the PS4 turns the tv on and switches to its' input. It's done through the CEC feature that newer TV's have.

So that's my honest breakdown. Right now, the XB1 offers a lot more. That may change in the future, but right now I'd go XB1.

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@Vodoo: Also wanted to let you know that if you ask people this same question on the PS4 forums, you won't get an honest answer. While there are fanboys on both sides, the Sony fanboys are poison to this site with their vile, rabid fanboyism. They are incapable of seeing beyond their own opinion and will do and say anything to prove you wrong if you don't share their view point. Just take whatever they say with a grain of salt.

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You should pick what your friends bought and what games you like. Don't listen to other peoples opinions, everything is so hatefull that it makes me sick! :(

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System wars

Why ask a question like this in the xbox forum section? I wonder what the majority will say.

maybe he wants to hear what xbone owners have to say about their new console. maybe weed through the stupid comments to look for actual informative input from some users. its actually a legit question to post in either [or better yet both] forum.

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Also went with both. Unlike the guy above I really didn't like KZ. Of course I'm not into MP shooters on consoles, so I'm just talking about the single player campaign, but it REALLY sucked.

Playing the vastly inferior (according to System Wars) Xbox One version of COD: Ghosts and having a great time.

Big irony, though. Right now the PS4 is the better multimedia system. Hard to believe considering how much XB1 hyped it (And I do enjoy the hell out of having access to my TV/DVR and XB1 apps and gaming without having to hop around inputs, but until they iron out the bugs out of streaming and blu-ray playback... PS4 is just a better movie player...

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Maybe you shouldn't use the 5 or 6 cows who post with 20 alt accounts on System Wars as your experience. The Sony gamespot board is as chill as the Xbox board. The real cesspool is over at but that's only because the mods are fanboys themselves. The playstation site used to be like this until Lithium took over their boards and cleaned everything up, making that place very chill as well.

Most of the anti xbox posts I see everywhere are actually coming from disappointed 360 owners.

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System wars

Why ask a question like this in the xbox forum section? I wonder what the majority will say.

Because he has 7 posts and does not know how things "used" to work here.

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I don't own a PS4, therefore I can't provide the same system vs system comparison that Vodoo has however I can say that I am enjoying the system more than I had anticipated.

the xbox is now my primary media source. I love the voice and system integration with netflix, hulu, etc. The lack of 20 different controllers. the xbox glass feature is really cool. I had heard that the media center features were amazing, but I truly am impressed.

As far as the games I have played, the graphics are great, gameplay is good depending on the game. Nothing new to write how about. I am about to start Dead Rising and I heard that it integrates the xbox glass feature very nicely. I am looking forward to experiencing that.

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I own both. Both are very well built consoles and both will have massive libraries of games. Why choose? Get both and be happy!!

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I haven't played Xbox One yet so I'm still on the fence. I have played Ps4 & wasn't impressed at all! The games I played Knack and some game where the lady jumps in shadows wasn't good at all. The graphics look Ps3 & the new controller felt crappy with it's large rounded plastic feeling triggers. The controller still has the classic uncomfortable feel as the Ps One. The games also took atleast 30 seconds to load each loading screen. Where is this so called speed that the Ps4 is supposed to have?

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The only advice when buying a console is, buy the console that has the games you want to play

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Xbox One is a fine choice. So is PS4. Really just flip a coin if you cant get both. They are pretty much identical . I have both and i really could not recommend one over the other. Is X1 worth $100 more than PS4? If you have faith that MS will make good use of Kinect, then, yes its worth the extra $100.

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After reading the comments on this forum, i have decided to go with PS4. That way i wont get put into Multiplayer games with all you pricks.

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This is either a Games Discussion or System Wars thread. The Xbox forum is self-explanatory.